We know how important the right sound is when choosing your outdoor audio system.  Quality sound is much different than just sound.  Don’t just confine beautiful sound to inside your home.  Whether controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing audio system, we recommend Coastal Source Audio products.  We can custom tailor these high-quality audio products to fit any outdoor environment.

Here are a few different options when choosing the right Coastal Source Audio products for your outdoor living space.

Coastal Source Line Source Bollards

You can bring a symphony outside with our Line Source Bollard.  It’s capable of unparalleled performance and works over a massive listening area.

The line array technology for high SPL and fidelity is patent-pending and very impressive.

Not only is this speaker beautifully designed, but it also uses patent-pending variable waveguide technology for enhancing performance.

The integrated high-power bandpass subwoofer fills out the full frequency range and its incredible efficiency is matched with 1,000W power handling to make this speaker a true outdoor marvel.

Coastal Source Mini Ellipse Bollards

This Mini Ellipse Bollard looks and feels right at home on decks or in the landscaping.

All Bollard models offer extremely high-performance audio with a clean and simple style that looks great in any outdoor living area.

One great thing about all Coastal Source systems, the Bollard Line incorporates the patented Plug+Play cabling system which makes installation a breeze.  You’ll be pleased with the performance and reliability as well. 

Coastal Source Bollard Subwoofers

No outdoor audio system is complete without a banging subwoofer.  The Coast Source Bollard Subwoofer is sleekly designed to be easily hidden in your outdoor living space, yet it looks great when installed out in the open too.  It has a larger driver compared to conventional outdoor speakers so it offers higher performance, fidelity, and efficiency.  One reason we love this subwoofer is that it’s built with high-quality materials designed to Defy the ElementsTM.

Our knowledgeable team will help you design a Coastal Source Audio System for your outdoor space.  Your family and friends can have the total experience and enjoy audio nirvana while soaking up the sun and fun!