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Home Automation from Control4 for Your Tampa-Area Homes

If you are a Tampa Bay area luxury homeowner, you deserve to enjoy personalized smart living experiences that make life more convenient, safer, comfortable, and easy to enjoy with home automation. At Integral, we love working with Control4, and you will too.

Every Tampa home is unique, which means the smart home automation requirements will vary. Control4 combines and integrates all your technology devices into a unified user experience. When your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it helps take away daily stresses and adds convenience to your life! 

With an ecosystem of over 14,000 products, such as lights, shades, thermostats, TV, speakers, streaming services, and much more, Control4 automates virtually anything in your home, tied to a system that makes living and interacting with those systems easy for the whole family. Conveniently connect to wired and wireless devices, allowing you to adjust the thermostat, start music throughout the house, close the shades or garage door, or perform many of these actions in unison. From a full smart lighting line to audio equipment, thermostats, cameras, speakers and beyond, Control4 enhances your security, comfort, convenience, and entertainment at home.

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Designing Your Tampa Bay Smart Home

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, architect, interior designer, remodeler, developer, or lighting designer, involving your home technology professional early in your Bay Area Control4 project is crucial. Early and transparent communication between you, your selected contractors, and our home technology integrators streamlines projects, reducing change orders, and ultimately saving you time, headaches, and expenses down the road. Similar to essential home systems like electricity, plumbing, and heating/cooling, building a complete smart home isn’t a DIY endeavor. Integrating individual “smart” products introduces complexity as they often lack interoperability. To achieve a seamless, fully integrated smart home system, hiring experienced and well-trained installers. HTA Certified Integral Home Technology assures that your system is meticulously designed, operates on a robust network, and delivers personalized experiences tailored to your lifestyle.

Control4 Is Scalable: Smart Small or Go Big

Integral Home Technology is a certified Control4 dealer in Tampa, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, FL. Our customers say that one of the best things they’ve ever done is to add smart home automation. This is not just for new construction. Control4 Smart Home products can be retrofitted to any home and are built to scale. Start with a universal remote for your entertainment equipment and then add a few smart lights or door locks (or anything else) as you’re ready to expand.

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