Smart Lighting

Illuminate Your Home With Lighting Design & Lighting Control Systems

In today’s smart home, lighting plays a key role. It’s come a long way from mere switches and dimmers to be an integral part of your home’s design. It also helps keep your space safe, create mood, and, with today’s lighting control systems, can even help you be more energy efficient with programming.


Integral Home Technology has outfitted many homes in Tampa, the Tampa Bay Area, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg, and St. Petersburg Beach with large and small lighting control systems, from layout to installing fixtures, we make your home the best it can be with light.

  • Lighting scenes let you create the right mood for any activity. Brighter light for tasks or cooking; landscape lighting for illuminating the outdoor areas; warmer light for relaxing in the evening, and cooler light for waking up in the morning.


  • Control your lights–whether it’s one light, one room, or the entire house—with a simple finger tap on our easy-to-use home automation systems.


  • Turn off lights from afar with app-based smartphone control.


  • Tie your lighting into other systems in the house, such as music, to create a scene. For example, you can program a Party scene with dim lights and louder music, or a Morning scene with news and bright light.


Lighting is an essential part of today’s smart home, and Integral Home Technology is here to help you accomplish your dream home. Contact us today and we’ll help determine your lighting control needs and options with no obligation.


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