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Technology has undeniably become an integral part of the home. Therefore, having the home’s technology systems integrated into the home’s design has become ever more crucial. It’s unfortunate, therefore, that many design and build professionals have often had difficulty finding qualified home technology integrators that do the job right.


HTA Certified for Better High-Tech Homes


The Home Technology Association (HTA) helps fix that problem by being a key resource for your practice, helping the design-build trade find qualified and highly professional local home technology integrators. Integral Home Technology, therefore, takes great pride in our HTA Certification, which helps to alleviate the concerns that designers, architects, and builders sometimes have when hiring or partnering with home technology integrators.

At Integral Home Technology, we will not only respect your designs but be your go-to technology expert, determining the right solutions and products for your projects and bringing joy to your clients’ lives, without usurping your design aesthetic.


Bring Us In Early to the Design Process


We believe in the productive collaboration between the home technology integration trade and related trades, including architects, interior designers, builders, building designers, lighting designers, and realtors. When our professions openly communicate, projects proceed smoother with fewer change orders and better aesthetics. When working with technology on your projects, it’s essential to consult with a technology integrator as early as possible in your project’s timeline. The technology plan for the home should be created before getting framing, electrical, and HVAC bids. This will save you retrofit headaches and expense down the line.




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