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Why Lutron Tampa Homes Are Better

Tampa and Tampa Bay homes are brighter, safer more comfortable, beautiful, and convenient with Lutron Lighting because the company adheres to five core principles that have helped it become the gold standard for both residential home lighting and commercial lighting. One of those five principles is to take care of the customer with superior goods and services. Like Integral Home Technology, the customer is Lutron’s number one priority. We are ready to be your dealer for in Lutron Tampa Bay lighting.

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Designing Your Tampa Bay Lighting Oasis

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, interior designer, remodeler, developer, or lighting designer, it’s important to involve your home technology professional in the early phases of your Bay Area Lutron Lighting project. Early, open communication between you, your chosen contractors and our home technology integrators makes projects go smoother with fewer change orders, which will save you time, retrofit headaches, and expenses down the line.

Why Lighting Control Matters

Integral Home Technology is a certified Lutron Lighting dealer partner in Tampa, FL, Tampa Bay, FL, and St. Petersburg, FL. Our customers say that one of the best things they’ve done for their home and lifestyle is to add Lutron Lighting control to their home. These intelligent lighting solutions give you complete control of all of your lighting devices and light fixtures across your home or business. Whether it’s via a home automation system touchpanel, Lutron HomeWorks QS Control System, an app on your smartphone, or Lutron keypads and dimmers, lighting has never been this easy or beautiful. 


The Stylish Way to Light Your Home

Lutron delivers a wide variety of stylish keypad options. From simple and elegant Lutron Alisse keypads (shown below) to sophisticated and polished Lutron Palladiom keypads, there are design and color options for every home interior and style preference.

Natural Light for Optimal Health

Wellness at home has everything to do with the quality of your light, both natural and artificial. Lutron Ketra is tunable light that mirrors the natural lighting rhythms of the sun, from how bright the light is at a certain time of day to the actual color (color temperature) of your home’s lighting. The result is a more comfortable home that feels right throughout the day.

In addition to Lutron Lighting Control, we offer a full line of Lutron Shades to help control natural light, offer privacy, and protect your home.


Product Spotlight: Lutron Ketra D2 Downlight

Nothing transforms the look of your home more than great lighting design. And we love the look of lighting that the Lutron Ketra D2 downlight delivers! Designed for clean ceilings, breakthrough optics and a smaller 2-inch aperture allow the fixture to disappear into the ceiling, placing the focus where it should be—on the light itself.

Every detail of D2 is re-engineered, redesigned, and optimized, from the emitter and optic profile to the re-tooled aiming system and best-in-class housings. Tool-based hot-aiming makes it even easier to place light precisely where you want it and nowhere else.



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