Let Integral Home Technology Be Your Central Florida Partner in Smart Home Technology

When we talk to builders, some don’t immediately understand why they should partner with a home technology firm.

Think of it like having plumbing or electrical installed. You wouldn’t rely on the homeowner to find that plumber or other contractor, largely because you couldn’t rely on those results. You would bring in a trusted partner to create a successful outcome for your client. As your clients increasingly demand tech amenities, we want to be your Preferred Partner.

That’s why we created the Integral Home Technology Preferred Partner Program, a no-cost initiative that formalizes our relationships with builders to our mutual benefit.

Why Partner with Integral?

There are a lot of home technology integrators in the Tampa area who are desperate to make inroads with the design-build community. But with the vast array of residential smart home providers, it’s hard to know who to trust.

HTA Certified HTA Design Partner Tampa FL

•  Integral Home Technology is HTA Certified, which means it has undergone a rigorous, unbiased certification program by the Home Technology Association so that you can avoid unprofessional results that leave a bad impression on both you and your client.

Integral is an HTA Design Partner, a program that was created to recognize HTA Certified integrators that not only offer technology consultation and design, but also collaborate with architects, interior designers, and builders using best practices to ensure that technology is integrated into the home in the best way possible.

We pride ourselves on these HTA Certifications, as well as on our existing partnerships with Tampa builders, professionalism, and client satisfaction as evidenced by our 5-star Google rating.

Benefits of Being Among Our Preferred Tampa Builders

Referrals: Referrals go both ways. While you might refer us to a potential client who is interested in technology, Integral Home Technology gives leads to our preferred Tampa builders  when we work on second homes, remodels, from our participation in organizations like NARI Tampa Bay, the NKBA, NAHB, CEDIA, and more.

Tech Tools: We have the tools you need to start the conversation with your clients about technology, making you a valuable and knowledgeable resource for your clients. For example:

Technology Designer Cover

Our Home Technology Budgeting tool creates realistic installed cost budget ranges for home tech systems ranging from very good to top-of-the-line.

Our Project Technology Assessment Form, available only to our Preferred Partners, can be used as a checklist with your clients early in your project timeline to help them ascertain their technology needs.

And More… As our relationship strengthens, we’ll both be enriched in unexpected ways. For example, we recently worked with a builder on a home who is now on the cover of a recent Technology Designer magazine thanks to Integral’s marketing efforts. Opportunities for amplifying both our brand and yours are around every corner.


Bring Us Into the Project Early for Better Smart Home Results

When working with technology on your projects, it’s essential to consult with a technology integrator as early as possible in your project’s timeline. The technology plan for the home should be created before getting framing, electrical, and HVAC bids. This will save you retrofit headaches and expenses down the line. When our professions openly communicate early, projects proceed smoother with fewer change orders and better aesthetics.


Lunch & Learns for Tampa-Area Builders

Our Lunch & Learns, which we hold every month at our offices or the offices of our partners, are designed to help builders learn about smart home technology, including the latest products, the most builder-friendly home technology, and how to handle the conversation of technology with your clients, making you a valuable resource. Our Lunch & Learns also provide you with valuable CEDIA qualifying CEU credits.

Want to learn more about Integral Home Technology and how we can partner with you on smart home technology for your next high-tech home in Tampa Bay? Contact us at the form below.