Did you realize the power coming into your home or business can be either clean or dirty?  Just like the water you drink, the power traveling from outside to inside should be pristine.  Here’s why this is important.  If you have dirty water eventually it will cause sludge and corrosion and your pipes won’t work as well.  The same is true of your power.  Eventually, dirty power will cause your electrical system to work poorly and possibly even fail with surges or lightning strikes.

Business and homeowners need to consider downtime, repair, and reprogramming costs in addition to the cost of the equipment which is affected or lost due to dirty power and contaminated lines.  One electrical event causing the loss of HVAC or lighting controls, or loss of a home automation system, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair and reprogram.  Our surge protection system works 24/7 so you can rest assured that all of the electrical and electronic equipment you depend on will operate at peak performance for your use and enjoyment.

We have the solution to clean power for you.  Our surge protection products take the lines that are likely to be hit by surges and lightning strikes and protects them.  They clean the dirty power from your lines like water filters remove the dirt and debris from your water.  We’re able to filter incoming cable from ISP, filter AC units, generators, appliances, cameras – basically anything that goes from the outside to the inside of your property.  Here’s even better news, you’ll double the life of your electrical equipment and dramatically reduce repair and replacement costs when you purchase our surge protection solution. 

Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the United States.  Who could stand for their AC, other appliances, or smart home technology to go out in the middle of a Florida heatwave?  Make sure your home and business are protected with our surge protection products.  It’s insurance you don’t want to ignore!