While TVs have come a long way from the big, boxy sets of the past, there is still a lot to be desired aesthetically. The modern flat-screen TVs that can be found in most American homes today are remarkably thin, with a picture quality that far surpasses their predecessors, but when the display is off, homeowners are left with a lot of wall real estate devoted to a glossy black screen that detracts from the surrounding décor in the room.

Aiming to design a product that would solve this problem and create a greater balance between form and function, Samsung introduced The Frame TV in 2017. “TV When It’s On. Art When It’s Off,” The Frame is a TV encased by a simple frame that transforms into a work of art when it is switched to “Art Mode,” a feature that offers over 1,000 pieces of art by prestigious artists, galleries and museums worldwide.

With its strong design appeal and moderate price tag, The Frame quickly gained popularity with consumers, but A/V integrators were presented with the challenge of incorporating high-end audio — all while maintaining the unassuming aesthetic that makes the TV so appealing to end-users in the first place.

It’s certainly no secret that built-in TV speakers leave a lot to be desired, and while a soundbar is the most common way to upgrade TV audio, off-the-shelf models can be an interior design eyesore — especially when paired with a product like the The Frame, that was intentionally designed to look as little like a technology product as possible.

After fielding many requests from our dealers asking for design-friendly solutions for providing better quality sound to The Frame TV, we created a suite of designer soundbars that complement it perfectly.


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