Through wind and rain and driving hurricanes, we have the outdoor audio solutions that will make your outdoor spaces rock and roll!

If you haven’t checked out outdoor audio lately, you may be amazed at some of the cool products available.  At Integral Systems, we carry a wide variety of outdoor audio to fit any budget and style.  Whether you’re just looking for a few speakers and better sound or you have a large outdoor area in need of custom speakers, a subwoofer, tweeters and more, we’ve got the right options for you.

In this article we’re featuring one of the most unique and custom audio lines we can design and install in your outdoor space:

  • Architettura Sonora
    • This Italian company was born with the mission to “get the best possible sound from the best-looking speakers”.  The combination of various materials and finishes allows them to continually interpret materials innovatively.  They combine speakers with omnidirectional and directional sound for an amazing audio experience indoors or out.  Here are a few examples of their unique designs.
Sphere 360

1.   Sphere 360 – Available in a wide range of materials and finishing, full-range or subwoofer, with two different options for the base design, the Sphere adapts to any type of environment. Omnidirectional loudspeaker characterized by a full and warm tonal balance.

Cylinder Table

2.   Cylinder Table – The AS Cylinder family now adds its most complete and versatile element, a new opportunity to enjoy music even on more convivial occasions.  It also comes with a lighting option which enhances the look with diffused light.

The Drop

3.  THE DROP -A highly directional suspended loudspeaker enclosure with a neutral tone. The Drop is ideal for creating areas with a high concentration of real sound, both indoor and outdoor. 

Each AS speaker is sewn on the client and designer’s desires so you will get exactly the speaker and sound you are dreaming of.  Why not consider these unique, high-quality items when your outdoor space needs an audio renovation?