I tend to be the planner and executor when it comes to, well…everything. Holiday parties, baby showers, game nights, double-date dinners, volunteer events, best friends’ birthday parties, family vacations, camping trips, babysitting, and even the redecorating of my mother’s house—I love being busy. More importantly, I live to participate, to be involved, and to help.
My friends and family love to use me for my organizing and planning skills, and I love being of use. Spending time with loved ones and being part of a community is what life is all about. But it does mean that I often find myself juggling multiple projects and running late.

If you are a busy, on-the-go person like me, then you know that communication and time management is key to making it all work. That’s why I love discovering and playing with new technology and apps that help me stay connected and organized.

Task manager apps, regular Amazon and grocery deliveries, smart-home assistants—if it means I can maximize my time and live my best life, then count me in. In terms of smart-home technology, there are two things that I am most excited about right now, Intercom Anywhere and Chime. With these, you can monitor, control, and communicate with your whole home, even if you aren’t home.

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