What a great way to catch the game…and the surf!

Thinking about a TV for your patio, deck or porch? You don’t want to convert a TV made for indoors into an outdoor TV. There are a lot of reasons why an outdoor TV is the way to go. They are water resistant. They fight off things like wind, rain, bugs and humidity. Some manufacturers accomplish this by putting a special coating on the internal components, protecting them from harmful influences found outside the walls of your home.

Outdoor TVs also have extra bright panels which reduce glare, creating the best picture under natural outdoor lighting conditions. We carry Sunbrite TVs.  They come in 3 main styles:  full shade, partial sun and full sun.  Depending on where you plan to put the TV, we’ll help you choose the one that works best for your space.

Luxury Living – Outdoor Style

Another line of quality outdoor TVs available is Seura.  The are weatherproof outdoor TVs, perfect for a quiet movie night to neighborhood tailgate parties.  They range in size from 43 inch to a whopping 86-inch and are made for shade or sun.  Seura is known for having the best outdoor rating, best picture quality, best sound solutions and the largest and sleekest designs.

There are many reasons that indoor TVs belong inside, not outside.  If you choose to go with an indoor set for your outdoor TV, it will probably void the warranty. An outdoor TV, one made specifically for outdoor use, is the best option because it will be covered by a warranty for that use. Some outdoor TVs are waterproof. You can actually submerge them in water. While most people wouldn’t do this, it’s important to consider if the outdoor TV will be within splashing distance from a pool or fountain. And the mount for the set should be designed for outdoor use as well, as an indoor mount will likely rust in outdoor conditions. It’s a good idea to protect your outdoor TV with a cover when not in use.

If you’d like more information about getting the right outdoor TV for your home, please contact us.  Next thing you know, you’ll be having movie night from the pool!