Historic St. Pete Bungalow Transforms into a Smart Home!

When the Connelly’s purchased their historic home in St. Pete, Florida they knew they wanted it to be a smart home.  While renovating this gorgeous home, they contacted the company that did work for their family in the past.  Integral Systems had done a great job, so the Connelly’s knew they could trust Integral for this job, too.

Historic St. Pete Bungalow…now a smart home.

From the beginning, Spencer with Integral Systems was very helpful explaining all the different options included in the proposal to make sure that the Connelly’s chose the right technology for their needs.  Once all the technology was installed, Spencer took the time to explain how everything worked, and he’s always been available to walk the Connelly’s through their questions and give them support when needed.  They can’t say enough good things about the entire process with Integral systems. 

When Spencer first scoped the home, he saw there were certainly going to be a few hurdles to overcome.  Namely, he needed to be creative about the AV equipment and where it was going to be contained.  It needed to be placed somewhere that would be functional while not taking away from the aesthetic of the home.  It was decided that the best way to go about this was to put the majority of the equipment for each TV hidden behind the screen in a recessed panel. This gives both service access as well as completely disappearing from plain sight.  It was a seamless solution.

Framed TV’s are TV’s when you are watching and art when you’re not.

The beauty of Integral Systems is their ability to truly customize and integrate the smart home features their clients want and need in their home.  For the Connelly’s, Integral installed all the audio, video, automation, cameras, and security system in their home.  The backbone for the automation is Control4 which easily controls the entire home and both TV’s off a single Control4 controller.  For the family room, they chose to highlight the hidden nature of the Samsung Frame TV which looks like a piece of framed artwork when the TV isn’t on.  The custom frame hides the TV even more.  This pulls the focus of the room away from being strictly television focused when not engaged in a movie or TV show.   When it’s time to watch a game or movie with friends it transforms into a beautiful display. 

Framed TV

Security was a major factor for the homeowners, so Integral Systems made sure that they had a camera system and alarm system that would make them feel very safe in their new home.  They would highly recommend not only making your home a smart home for the convenience factor, but also for the peace of mind that it brings.  Being able to view cameras and control the alarm system from anywhere has been very comforting to the Connelly’s as homeowners.

Security Cameras can be controlled from the Connelly’s smart Phones from anywhere.

Like most Floridians, they love to entertain their friends and family.  When they have people over, the Sonos music system has made entertaining easy and fun.  Being able to bring the Sonos Move speaker outside on the porch had been something they do on a daily basis. 

The Connelly’s love how seamlessly all of the technology in their smart home works together and how simple everything is to use.  They especially love the Control4 app, which has allowed them to control everything in their house right from their phones.  Having a smart home isn’t something they knew the needed, but now that they have one, they couldn’t live without it!

Spencer from Integral Systems says this about his job, “Personally, I love it when we are able to combine the quality and features of a smart home and blend them into the background to really let the house shine as a whole.”

The Connelly’s couldn’t be happier with their newly renovated smart home and the exceptional work done by Spencer and the Integral Systems crew.