When you’re choosing a home security system it’s important to consider your options.  Honeywell Vista is a robust hardwired home security solution while Honeywell Lyric is a wireless option.  Which one is the right choice to protect you and your home?  The correct system depends on several variables. 

Let’s start with the Honeywell Vista.  This is a traditional hardwired security system.   If you’re building or doing a major remodel this is a great option.  The features of the Vista system include:

  • You’ll never have to change a battery
  • Contacts are concealed
  • Increases property value
  • Up to 48 zones of protection
  • Graphic keypad support
  • dual partitions (like having 2 systems in 1 unit) great for an outbuilding
  • Built in internet communicator for an internet monitoring service
  • Tuxedo Touchscreen Keypad with remote access availability with router
  • Fire, smoke detection, glass break, carbon monoxide detection, flood detection
  • Can add a phone line to the system

In the market for a wireless security system?  Consider the Honeywell Lyric Series.  This is Honeywell’s next generation security and home controller.  It’s vibrant 7” touchscreen puts your home at your fingertips.  You’ll love the intuitiveness of the Lyric Controller.  It’s so easy to use it will respond to a tap on the touchscreen or the sound of your voice.  If you don’t mind changing the reasonably priced batteries every 2 or 3 year’s you’ll love the Lyric System.  This Home Security system can be retrofitted to any home or building.  The features of the Lyric System include:

  • Onboard wifi
  • Can utilize dual path (wifi and cell) monitoring services
  • Keypad is sleek and stylish and blends with any décor
  • Contacts are low profile
  • One go/All go – when 1 smoke alarm is triggered the other smoke detectors are triggered as well so you’re notified wherever you are in your home
  • Unique motion detector allows pets up to 80 lbs to move freely but still detects an intruder’s movements
  • Includes a glass break detector as a great first line of defense against intruders
  • More than a security system, it can be set up to be a smart home automation device as well
  • 2 way talk feature and voice control for hands free control
  • Mobile Control allows you to access your system from anywhere on your smartphone
  • The 24/7 monitoring be a central station will give you peace of mind at all times
  • Key integrations include: Apple Homekit, Chamberlin Garage Doors, August Smart Locks and Amazon Alexa

Whether you’re building a new home or wanting to protect the one you have we can help you pick the right home security system to protect your family.  Both the Honeywell Vista and Honeywell Lyric Series offer the protection and piece of mind you are looking for in a home security system.