With everyone staying home more and traveling less, homeowners have a renewed interest in decorating their homes.  Tampa Bay interior designers are enjoying helping homeowners revamp their homes to fit their newly adjusted lifestyle and taste.  People want smart home solutions, they are working and exercising from home more and they want the right lighting and automation to work for them. 

As an interior designer, you need to be up-to-the-minute knowledgeable about smart home solutions, wellness, and work-focused lighting, and motorized window treatments.  Lutron shades are the epitome of fine motorized window treatments.  They feature the quietest electric drive units available and their patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment technology ensures you’ll get a great fit within one-eighth of an inch either at rest or in motion.

When designing window treatment solutions, you need a wide selection of colors and styles.  Lutron offers a wide variety of colors, fabrics, openness factors, and designs to meet your client’s unique design style and needs.

Integral Home Technology is Tampa Bay’s most trusted Lutron installer.  We have over 20 years of installation experience and we pride ourselves in making our client’s homes work for them and their families.  Working with Integral Home Technology offers interior designers the experience and knowledge they need to impress their clients and get the job done right!