HTA Certification is important to protect your smart home investment and give you total peace of mind. Learn why here.

There are thousands of “integrators” across the US. However, not all of them adhere to best business practices and can leave homeowners dissatisfied with not only the experience of the smart home technology installation process, but with the actual technology that is installed in their homes. Homeowners have hired Integral Home Technology many times to come in and “clean up” a technology mess or smart home project gone awry.

The Home Technology Association is an unbiased, third-party certification program for smart home technology firms that determines who the true professionals are by putting integrators through a rigorous certification process. The result is that HTA certifies only the best firms in the US, giving homeowners peace of mind that their money will be well spent on top performance and that their expectations will be met as to the professionalism of the experience. Home technology is a luxury, so you should get an experience that is commensurate with luxury—whether you are embarking on a new high-tech home or upgrading with smart home technology.

“HTA certifies only the best firms in the US, giving homeowners peace of mind that their money will be well spent on top performance and that their expectations will be met as to the professionalism of the experience.”

Integral Home Technology Is Your Trusted HTA-Certified Luxury Home Technology Partner

Integral Home Technology is HTA Certified at the Luxury Level, and that means, according to the Home Technology Association, that we: 

  • Have Technical Qualifications – We are accomplished professionals with a proven history of technical competence
  • Take Care of Our Clients – We have a verified history of excellent customer service
  • Have a Reputation You Can Trust – We  have been vetted by HTA for our stellar reputation and honest business dealings
  • Verify Our Employees – We routinely perform background checks on all new employees
  • Work Well with Designers, Architects, and Builders – HTA has received numerous  endorsements from design/build professionals with whom we’ve done business that verify we work well with other trades
  • Are a Great Fit for Your Project – Because we are certified at the Luxury Level, we specialize in homes up to 10,000 square feet with advanced technology needs such as professional-grade smart home / home automation systems, high-performance home theater and home audio systems, and beyond, providing detailed documentation

The HTA Design Partner Program Means Project Collaboration Success

Beyond being verified by interior designers and architects, we are a part of the HTA Design Partner program. This program is designed to recognize those home technology professionals that not only offer technology consultation and design, but also collaborate with your design and build team to ensure that the technology is integrated into your home in the best way possible. 

This program is only available to technology integrators that meet the stringent HTA guidelines. HTA Design Partner designated firms adhere to a set of guidelines—created with the input of architects, interior designers, general contractors, and design-centric home technology integration firms—that serve as the basis for successful design collaboration and coordination with architects, builders, and interior designers. 

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? It means that we work in lock step with your team to make sure your project is coordinated correctly. For example, if we are involved at the earliest stages in conversations with your architect and builder, we can make sure that we wire your home and allocate space for in-wall speakers before drywall is put up so that we don’t have to go back into your walls later on, creating an inefficient process, not to mention a mess. This is just one way that working in close alignment with your design-build team means a better, less costly, and quicker installation process. When we’re a part of your larger team and are included in those conversations early, the benefits are immense. 

Learn more about HTA Certification here, and contact us to get started on your next home technology project or remodel.