Ever wish your remote worked more like your smartphone?  Well, say hello to Neeo!  Neeo is the remote you always wanted.  It was designed by experts in Swiss design, it’s sleek and it has a mix of both tactile buttons and a 3” high-resolution, graphical glass touchscreen so you can keep your eyes on your favorite movie, not your remote.  You’ll love the way NEEO feels in your hand because it was designed with weight, balance and texture in mind for your comfort.

You can easily switch between your AppleTV, Blu-ray, Roku, satellite or your gaming consoles for a much more pleasant watching experience.  The fast access to your favorites is awesome.  You’ll appreciate the one-touch icons for your family’s favorite programs like Netflix, Disney, ESPN, Showtime or HBO.

Charlie Kindel, SnapAV chief product & technology officer says, “Neeo is a reflection of our obsession for creating the most elegant and simple interfaces for the refined smart home.”

In the past when you got a new remote there was so much to learn.  The beauty of Neeo is that there is no programming needed.  If your home has OS 3 and either the EA-1, EA-3 or EA-5 hub all you need is your Wi-Fi password and the room you’re in and Neeo is online. 

The combination of a touchscreen and hard buttons on Neeo makes it a uniquely usable remote.   The touchscreen is used to swipe right to see video sources such as dish network, Blu-ray player, Roku and more. Neeo has hard buttons for power, mute, volume and home so that you can push these buttons without taking your eyes off the screen. 

Reviewers have been pleased with the design, responsiveness and functionality of the Neeo.  Overall the remote does a great job of serving as both smart home and AV entertainment controller.  If you’re looking for a sexy, sleek, intuitive control solution you won’t be disappointed in Neeo.